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Mailing Service Offers Testing for Compatibility

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By Todd Butler - Thursday, May 15, 2008

Todd Butler,, 513-870-5060,
Mailing Service Offers Testing for Compatibility with Postal Processing Equipment

Cincinnati, Ohio May 15, 2008 –
(PRAvenueNW) Butler Mailing Services, Inc. is now providing design and postal compatibility testing services for letter sized mail pieces. With over forty mail piece designs approved for carrying CD/DVDs safely through the automated letter mail stream, Butler Mailing Services is uniquely qualified to work with organizations in developing designs to be (physically) compatible with postal processing equipment. The Postal Service in a recent filing informed the mailing industry that just because mail piece design meets current DMM regulations doesn't mean that the pieces can be processed on letter sorting machines, a situation they intend to rectify.
The future of the automated letter mail stream is to either be compatible with letter processing equipment, or pay higher postage costs. The Postal Service is currently preparing tighter restrictions on what can be mailed at automated letter rates with published DMM changes due the end of 2008. Organizations need to be proactive to ensure that what they are mailing is compatible with processing equipment, not just the current DMM regulations. Mail pieces proven compatible can receive authorization from the PCSC for mailing nationwide as automated letters. “With our CD/DVD design and testing experiences, Butler Mailing Services understands what it takes to get postal approval for challenging designs and is offering this expertise to our customers” said Todd Butler president of Butler Mailing Services.
Butler Mailing Services has been a letter shop for over 25 years. Since 2000 it has been working to distribute CD/DVDs through the Postal Service without breakage. The designs Butler Mailing Services has developed over the years had two goals: eliminate breakage and be compatible with postal processing equipment. “We have a patent and three patent applications for mail piece design features that, during our tests, eliminated breakage on postal processing equipment” states Butler. The fact that Butler Mail has over forty designs approved by the USPS for automation proves they have succeeded with both goals.

Butler went on to say “the development of disc mailers required a lot of time working with postal processing equipment, figuring out how the machines interacted with our mail pieces. The more testing we did the wider variety of successful designs we were able to develop.” With the Postal Service changing the design specifications for letter mail, Butler Mailing Services finds its self positioned to help customers with these new challenges.
Todd Butler,, 513-870-5060,

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Mailing Service Offers Testing for Compatibility