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Cancer Cures Not Coming For Minorities

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Immediate Release: 
Cancer Cures Not Coming For Minorities
San Francisco, CA - September 14, 2011--

WHAT: "Cancer Cures Not Coming For Minorities" - Learn the Importance of FDA Clinical Trials for Minority Cancers... Why Do Minorities Die From Cancer More Often Than Whites ?

WHO: Dana Dornsife, World Philanthropist/Founder of Lazarex Cancer Foundation and Legendary R&B Vocalist Lenny Williams

WHEN: Available For Interviews In-Studio or Via Phone or see below PR.


Dornsife is the founder and president of Lazarex Cancer Foundation and Williams was the lead singer for the soul band, Tower of Power. Both have had family members who have lost battles with cancer. They are available to discuss in-depth why there are higher incidences of cancer deaths among Hispanics and African-Americans - due to cultural differences. They can discuss grave misconceptions about cancer detection and survival, as well as the lack of financial resources which have allowed cancer to become more prevalent and more deadly amongst the minority population.

Although participation in FDA clinical trials could help save more African-American lives, blacks have traditionally eschewed medical trials. This is due to decades-old myths and stories of mistreatment of minorities by the medical community. Lazarex intends to reverse this view.

Cancer's dirty little secret needs to come into the light. The disregard that many African-Americans and Hispanics have for cancer awareness needs to stop. The movement to save more lives begins with learning the facts about early detection and the importance of FDA clinical trials. Knowing the truth about cancer can improve everyones chances for beating it.

TESTIMONIAL: Doctors told 14 year old Brittani that there was no more that they could do for her -

Kirk Meyer, Press Release 9/11/11
925 330 2459
Danville ,Ca.

Cancer Cures Slow in Coming for African Americans

Clinical trials provide valuable information when it comes to diseases like cancer. Clinical trials are used to test the safety and effectiveness of drugs, devices and procedures. Participants in clinical trials are often given access to new treatments and procedures not yet available to the public. The results from clinical trials help develop better methods of cancer treatment and cancer screenings. These trials are open to anyone who qualifies, yet research suggests that African American participation in clinical trials is extremely low. Breast, colon/rectal, lung, and prostate cancer are the most fatal cancers impacting African Americans. Greater participation in these studies would provide valuable data to help fight cancer in the African American community. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer with the highest death rate among African American women, while African American men have the highest incidence of, and death from, prostate cancer.

Given the gross under representation of African Americans in clinical trials, Lazarex Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce a new program to bridge the gap in cancer care for the African American community. Lazarex aims to increase the percentage of African Americans in cancer screenings and clinical trials by addressing the barriers that prevent them from participating. R&B singer Lenny Williams has graciously agreed to help the foundation by acting as an Ambassador to spread the word about the importance of clinical trials and cancer screenings within the African American community. Dana Dornsife, founder and president of Lazarex Cancer Foundation, echoes the importance of screenings for earlier detection and better treatment options. Early detection of cancer generally improves the odds of recovery and survival. In studies comparing cancer survival and mortality among various ethnic groups it is clear that a higher percentage of African Americans are diagnosed in advanced stages of cancer, resulting in lower rates of survival. Dana Dornsife emphasizes this point by pointing out that "cancer is color blind" and needs to be addressed across all populations.

The primary mission of Lazarex Cancer Foundation is to provide financial assistance to help defray the costs associated with end stage cancer patient participation in FDA approved clinical trials. Costs like airfare, lodging and ground transportation all too often present insurmountable obstacles. The foundation also helps cancer patients navigate and identify their clinical trial options. Education and outreach are fast becoming a new focus of the foundation's efforts, especially amongst minority populations. Lazarex helps patients learn how clinical trials work and what to expect.

The goal of Lazarex Cancer Foundation is to let cancer patients know that there is hope, regardless of race, gender or ethnic background. The fact is that cancer research and clinical trials are only effective across the board if cancer patients of both sexes, all ages and ethnic groups are represented. The foundation helps cancer patients from all walks of life, in all age groups, with all forms of cancer. This includes reaching out to patients in all income brackets to inform them that their participation plays an important role in the fight against cancer.

For additional information, please visit the Lazarex Cancer Foundation website:

Kirk Meyer
925 330 2459
Danville ,Ca.


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