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Leading Indiana Physicians Offer Navigenics Personalized Health Program

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Indianapolis, IN - July 14, 2011 -- Priority Physicians, Indiana's leading provider of concierge medical care, today announced it will become the first provider in the state to offer Navigenics(R) personalized genetic analysis to their patients.

Navigenics' personalized health program provides people with insight into their individual genetic predisposition for developing certain medical conditions such as cancers, cardiac disease, and Type 2 diabetes. It also includes a pharmacogenomic panel that helps physicians to better understand the potential effectiveness and side effects that certain drugs will have for their patients.

"This is the next natural step in our commitment to deliver a truly personalized healthcare experience for our patients," said Dr. Matt Priddy of Priority Physicians. "There is no other practice in the state that offers the opportunity to integrate uniquely personal genetic information into a preventive care plan that is distinct for each individual patient. We're impressed by the potential that Navigenics brings to further improve our patient outcomes, and are proud to be on the cutting-edge of applying personalized medicine in Indiana."

With clinical collaborators such as Scripps Genomic Medicine and Duke Medicine, Navigenics is focused on conditions where primary or secondary prevention could improve health outcomes. "By working with their personal Priority Physicians' doctor and supported by Navigenics' board-certified genetic counselors, our goal is to provide patients of Priority Physicians with a truly unique tool for personal wellness. With their patients' genetic information, Priority Physicians will be better able to personalize health strategies and motivate patients to make lifestyle changes that will help mitigate their personal health risks," said Robert Forbes, Head of Physician Services at Navigenics.

About Priority Physicians

Priority Physicians is Indiana's largest concierge primary care provider. Through tightly controlled patient populations, members of the practice enjoy a comprehensive executive annual physical, 24/7 direct access to a physician (including same-day appointments and house calls), unlimited appointments with no time constraints, complete subspecialty healthcare coordination, Emergency Room and hospitalization consultations, well-baby check-ups and immunizations, and more.

For more information, call Priority Physicians at (317) 338-6400 or visit them online at

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Leading Indiana Physicians Offer Navigenics Personalized Health Program