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By Steve King - Saturday, November 24, 2007

Contact: Steve King

Phone: 888-240-7377 x717
Company: ConnectAndSell, Inc.


Geoffrey Moore, Michael Bosworth, Joe Galvin, David Berman, and other
industry luminaries headline agenda for San Francisco event
(RapidPressRelease) San Mateo, Calif., October 22, 2007 –ConnectAndSell, Inc., in collaboration with Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), Cisco WebEx (NASDAQ: CSCO), Inside View, Landslide Technologies,, and dozens of other industry leading companies, announced today its founding sponsorship of the inaugural Sales 2.0 Conference, ( ) to be held at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco October 29-30, 2007. “Sales 2.0” simply means integrating the power of Web 2.0 technologies with proven sales techniques to increase sales velocity and volume. The Sales 2.0 Conference will demonstrate how combining next-generation Web technologies such as web conferencing, social networking, prospect databases, and web site monitoring services with innovative sales processes can dramatically accelerate the sales cycle.

“We are excited to be a part of what we think will be the most important exchange of ideas and innovation in the sales industry.”, said Shawn McLaren, Chairman of ConnectAndSell, Inc., “Our technology is the key to dramatically increasing sales velocity and volume and as such, we want to play a significant role in the growth of Sales 2.0 in the future.”

The Sales 2.0 event will address industry trends and key topics such as: The “MySpace Generation” meets the Workplace, Volume Selling in an On-Demand World, Integrating On-line and Relationship Selling, and Making E-Mail Marketing Work for Your Sales Organization. The conference will feature thought leaders including Geoffrey Moore, best-selling author of “Crossing the Chasm”; Michael Bosworth, Founder of Solution Selling and author of “Customer Centric Selling”; Joe Galvin, vice president of Sirius Decisions; and David Berman, President of Worldwide Sales at WebEx Communications (now Cisco WebEx). For a list of additional speakers, please see

Be a Part of Sales 2.0 2007
To take advantage of early-bird registration rates and to find out more about the Sales 2.0 Conference program, as well as sponsorship and speaking opportunities, please visit

About ConnectAndSell, Inc.

ConnectAndSell, Inc. was conceived to address and solve the problem of not being able to connect with decision makers in a timely manner. Through a combination of patented switching technology and virtual sales agents, we accelerate the rate at which your sales reps can reach your prospects by 7-800%. And, unlike call centers, our agents never speak with your prospects. Once a prospect answers the phone, the call is transferred to your sales rep in under 200 milliseconds and your prospect thinks your sales rep made the call. There is no latency. Whether following-up on sales calls, trade show leads, or cold-prospecting, ConnectAndSell will get done in one week what it now takes months to do. ConnectAndSell is accelerating the rate of connects at companies like SendMail, CastIron, NextPage, InMage, SolidCore, Actuate and other Sales 2.0 industry leaders who decided to pour rocket fuel on their sales process. ConnectAndSell, Inc. is a PhoneWorks partner and Jigsaw partner.

About The Sales 2.0 Conference

The Sales 2.0 Conference is a unique industry event addressing emerging selling strategies and technologies. The conference, at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco on October 29-30, 2007, combines powerful keynote speakers and panel discussions with technology demonstrations and valuable industry networking and collaboration. Founding event sponsors include leading sales technology innovators such as Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), Cisco WebEx (NASDAQ: CSCO),, InsideView, Landslide Technologies, Jigsaw Data Corporation, Brainshark Inc., Sales Spider, SAP (NYSE: SAP), SugarCRM,, LucidEra, Tele-Smart Communications, and PhoneWorks. For more information about The Sales 2.0 Conference program, registration and sponsorship/speaking opportunities, visit

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