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The popular Family Tracker App Now Available For Android Phones

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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For Immediate Release:
Contact: Roberto Franceschetti
Owner, LogSat Software
Phone: 407.650.3008
The popular Family Tracker App Now Available For Android Phones
The first iPhone app dedicated to tracking family members can be used on Android devices as well.
Longwood, FL - January 25, 2011 -- After the success of their Family Tracker app for the iPhone, LogSat Software released a new version of Family Tracker that runs on Android phones. Family Tracker allows you to track your wife, husband, children and fiancée 24/7 using the new multitasking features available on the Android devices and in the new Apple iOS4.
iPhone  Family Tracker runs in the background on the phone, constantly updating its GPS location. Spouses can thus instantly know their partner has safely reached their destination at home, work or during long trips. Parents can know if their children are exactly where they should be, and didn't sneak out without permission. The location can also be viewed from a web browser, so a parent without an iPhone or an Android device can still easily locate the family members.

~"Privacy concerns are nonexistent, as the owner of the device has to give prior consent in order to be tracked. Family Tracker allows peace of mind be letting you know where all your family members are at all times" – emphatically states Dimitar Darazhanski, developer of the Android Family Tracker software.

 Family Tracker for Android is compatible for both Android phones and Android tablets and retails for a one-time purchase of $4.99. AT&T and T-Mobile offer similar services with monthly fees of up to $14.99/month.

Media samples are available upon request.

The media is invited to demo the software by contacting Roberto Franceschetti, 407.650.3008


Family Tracker can be purchased from the website, from the Google Android Market at and from the Apple iPhone App Store at:

About LogSat Software

Founded in 2002, LogSat Software is the software industry's leader in anti-spam solutions for local governments, as well as both large and small companies. When the market for iPhone applications begun to expand, LogSat Software presented their Sex Offenders Search app, receiving extensive nationwide media. Family Tracker followed suit being the first app dedicated to the tracking of family members via the iPhone and Android devices without recurring monthly costs.

For more information contact:

Roberto Franceschetti
Owner, LogSat Software

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The popular Family Tracker App Now Available For Android Phones