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EdWeb 2.0 released as open source

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

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Now free to use for education
Corona CA – September 8, 2010 -- EdWeb 2.0 is now an open source CMS for Education that helps school districts maintain a web presence. When combined with an existing school district web site, EdWeb 2.0 helps to provide a more comprehensive solution compared to a district level web site by itself.

The primary focus of EdWeb 2.0 is individual teacher web sites, but it also includes additional features such as:
  • Aggregated search to find educational site links input by all teachers in the district
  • Student logins that allow for non-anonymous comments by students on teacher blogs
  • Site Builder for small schools and departments to create/manage their own independent sites and send eNews
  • Shareportal for sharing of documents/links in an intranet style
  • Lesson Plan repository
EdWeb 2.0 is based on the Microsoft IIS/SQL platform, using ASP.NET 2.0 technologies.

Tierra Software Development, the company behind the development of EdWeb 2.0, is looking to build the Open EdWeb community to help further the use of EdWeb 2.0 by K-12, and provide a free option for school districts that would like to host it themselves. EdWeb 2.0 is designed to complement a school district web site, rather than replace it, providing the school district with a more comprehensive web presense.

More information about the open source release of EdWeb 2.0, along with downloads and installation instructions, are available at:

Information about commercial hosting of EdWeb 2.0 is available at:

About Tierra Software Development:
Contact: Gregory Thomson

Tierra Software Development
Gregory Thomson
Phone: (951) 734-0918 – Office hours: 8am-noon PDT
Reference: PR1


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EdWeb 2.0 released as open source