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SuperLumin Introduces Exclusive Social Media Cache

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Monday, August 02, 2010

New Cache Helps Educational Institutions and Enterprises
Manage Proliferating Demand for Social Media Content
Dayton, OH, August 2, 2010 /PRAvenueNW/ -- SuperLumin Networks, a leading provider of scalable, high-speed media proxy and application acceleration solutions, recently introduced its Social Media Cache to handle increasing demand for social media Web applications such as FacebookTM, YouTubeTM, MySpaceTM and TwitterTM.
The SuperLumin Social Media Cache cost-effectively alleviates the enormous impact social media Websites have on institutional and corporate bandwidth.
In a recent study, Network Box ranked Websites by the bandwidth they utilize. YouTube topped the list, consuming 7.8% of corporate bandwidth, followed closely by Facebook at 4.4%. In the same study, it found that 5.8% of all Web traffic from business networks is to Facebook. Not surprisingly, Anderson Analytics’ “GenXYZ College Brand Study” ranked Facebook as the most popular Website among college students.
“Within our own install base, we are seeing an overwhelming amount of data being transmitted from Facebook and all of its host names,” said Mark Ackerman, Senior Software Engineer at SuperLumin. “At universities in particular, one in three Web requests are for Facebook.”
Social media Web applications such as Facebook and YouTube use a redirection model for content distribution, which means the same Web objects often originate from a different server with a different URL. Most caches have to store a separate copy derived from each server. The SuperLumin Social Media Cache can determine if an object has already been retrieved from another server and vend it from the existing cache inventory.
A SuperLumin Social Media Cache:
•    Integrates with existing proxies
•    Only caches social media requests
•    Performs as a reverse proxy
•    Identifies social media objects that have already been retrieved
•    Minimizes bandwidth consumption
•    Relieves network congestion
•    Increases end-user satisfaction
•    Delivers a quick ROI
The SuperLumin Social Media Cache is available in two versions—a campus edition and a corporate edition.
*Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™ and MySpace™ are the property of their respective owners.
About SuperLumin
SuperLumin Networks is a subsidiary company of, and majority owned by STRATACACHE. SuperLumin Networks provides caching, content acceleration, and application acceleration solutions to enterprises across the globe. SuperLumin products represent state-of-the-art, award-winning technology that is flexible, manageable and affordable. For more information on SuperLumin Networks, visit

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SuperLumin Introduces Exclusive Social Media Cache