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The Bridge Health Recovery Center Announces The Grand Opening Of Their New Location

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Monday, June 07, 2010

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ST. GEORGE, UT - June 7, 2010  /PRAvenueNW/ -- The Bridge Health Recovery Center
announces their Grand Opening in their new facility near spectacular
Snow Canyon State Park in Southern Utah. Deep healing from
depression, chronic illness, pain, anxiety, lupus, fibromyalgia and
many other difficult conditions have been provided by The Bridge
Recovery Center for the last 10 years. The Bridge offers health and
hope to individuals with unresolved medical conditions and is the
leader in extensive and personalized treatment for those suffering
that have not been able to re-capture their health, peace and ability
to live a meaningful life.

We specialize in the following areas:

Chronic Pain
Chronic Illness
Back Pain
Failed Surgery
Adult Onset Diabetes
Prescription Drug Dependence
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Lost Motivation

"We want to help those in pain to build a bridge back to a state of
health and happiness," states Daren Brooks, Founder of The Bridge.
"Our methodology is based on a structured, comprehensive approach of
treating each individual as a whole, rather than as a list of isolated
symptoms. Its process is designed to work in tandem with the mind and
the body. Instead of saying, "Try more medicines", we say, let us
help you with your diet, your state of mind, and your physical
activity level; and let us help you manage with as little medication
as possible, let us provide you with proven tools that will improve
your health," says Brooks.

"When I arrived at The Bridge my body was screaming with the pain of
fear, anger, depression, resentment, fatigue and chronic pain, even
though I was taking a lot of medication,"shares Margo, a former
visitor to The Bridge. "While at The Bridge, I learned in a gentle
and loving way to think differently about my mind, body and spirit. I
worked hard on my thought processes, exercised, meditated, ate
healthfully, was treated by amazing professionals and had fun. The
release I felt was miraculous and I'm medication free and pain free
for the first time in 17 years!"

Each of The Bridge's sessions last three weeks and have produced
results that last lifetimes. The ideal integrated clinic for recovery
isn't just a good idea, it's who we are and what we do. For more
information about The Bridge and the upcoming sessions, please call
(877) 885-9567 or visit our website below:

Dateline: June 7, 2010 ... St. George, UT
Contact: Daren Brooks
Phone: (435) 313-1554
Fax: (888) 645-4570

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The Bridge Health Recovery Center Announces The Grand Opening Of Their New Location