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Who's Hiring - Satellites Unlimited Plans to Hire 80 Technicians

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

For Immediate Release:
Contact: John Pamphilis
Satellites Unlimited, Inc.,
A Regional Service Provider of Dish Network
Phone: 800 610-6060, Ext. 100

Who's Hiring? Satellites Unlimited Plans to Hire 80 Technicians
Birmingham,  AL - February 3, 2010 /PRAvenueNW/ -- Satellites Unlimited, Inc (SUI), is immediately accepting online applications as it hires 80 additional Customer Service Satellite Technicians to support their expansion into the Monroe LA, McComb MS, and Hattiesburg MS markets.

Satellites Unlimited, Inc brings 80 new career opportunities into the area that includes health and dental insurance, paid vacation time, 401K and performance bonuses.

A factor in SUI’s strategy is to build strong ties with local communities through investing in employee development and driving the local economy through their own growth. In addition, SUI is committed to offering promotion and advancement opportunities to their workforce.

Despite the current economic challenges in the region, SUI continues to expand their service capabilities as quality television entertainment becomes even more important to consumers who are staying home more in an effort to stretch their entertainment dollars.

With so many companies continuing to experience budget cuts and layoffs, SUI is in a unique position in that their hiring needs have actually increased. SUI is fortunate to be in a recession-resistant industry.

SUI is a regional service provider of Dish Network. SUI’s corporate headquarters is located in Birmingham AL with 14 branch offices across the Southeast.

For additional information please contact John Pamphilis at (800) 610-6060, Ext. 100.
To apply online, log on to

Technicians can earn around $40,000 a year and some exceed that amount. There is no experience required, but a strong work ethic and customer focus is required.

John Pamphilis
(800) 610-6060, Ext. 100


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Who's Hiring - Satellites Unlimited Plans to Hire 80 Technicians