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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Luis Obispo, CA /PRAvenueNW/ -- is a new online service that connects retirees with companies seeking skilled consultants. is a free service for retirees (or soon-to-be retired workers) providing step-by-step guidance on becoming a consultant, tools and tips to prepare for an interview and nationwide job listings for consultant positions. was developed in response to the 79 million baby boomers who may have had plans to begin retiring this year, but find themselves needing to generate more income in the face of an economic downturn. Retirees who had been counting on a certain level of retirement savings are now finding that their nest egg has decreased by up to 50%. In a recent AARP survey of boomers, 80% said they were planning to work past 65, at least part time. However, they desire a more flexible work environment with the option of working fewer hours or the ability to take extended periods of time off. Consultant job opportunities may provide the perfect fit for what they are seeking. seeks to help retirees transition into the consulting field. On the website, retirees can find out what it means to be a consultant, how to start a consulting business, how to market a consulting business, how to set fees and how to interview for consulting positions. The website also includes templates and samples to help create a cover letter and resume. Finally, retirees can access nationwide consultant job listings and apply directly to the hiring companies. All of the information and tools on the website are provided at no cost to the retirees.

For companies that are seeking skilled, experienced consultants, offers job listing opportunities and resume database access. Companies across the nation are discovering that hiring skilled consultants can create increased workplace efficiency and save money at the same time. For a growing number of companies that are forced to downsize their workforce, hiring independent consultants on an as-needed basis can be a great fiscal strategy. Seasoned consultants (with 30+ years of work experience) may be the most attractive option for these companies. They have years of industry-specific experience, knowledge and skills. They have developed a strong work-ethic and a high level of customer service. And as an independent consultant, they can be hired as needed with no benefit payouts.

The ultimate goal of is to provide an online meeting place for experienced senior workers and companies seeking specialized consultants. Visit today to find out what we can do for you.

Kellie Reamer
Retire and Consult (Part time retirement consulting jobs for retirees)
Phone: 888-575-9675

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