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August 2009

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Monday, August 03, 2009

/PRAvenueNW/ -- The new initiative (Job Portal-KPO focused) to be launched by KPO Consultants in the name of will offer several unique benefits to the employers particularly in the LPO and KPO industry. The portal will offer several benefits to the employers including customized access to its KPO database, job postings, and several branding services including promotional services through Company’s Logo, Banner, and Name Links. The portal will also introduce a new concept of brand positioning through Keyword Branding services. This service will enable companies to increase their visibility by purchasing a number of keywords in the KPO and LPO industry on the portal and get as many resumes as they can.

According to Mr. Dhiraj Phukan, Associate Leader,, “We understand the complex challenges that HR departments of LPO and KPO industry are facing today. Most companies in the KPO and LPO industry are not yet fully established and employ smaller number of manpower. We cannot draw uniformity in their recruitment structure, as some companies have grown up to 1,000 employees while others are yet operating under 100 employees. Further, occurrences for staffing are more dynamic in LPO industry as compared to any other industries and there are no specific timelines for recruitments. Therefore, we believe there is a need for higher degree of flexibility the way we present our products and structure our pricing.”

Undoubtedly, industry outlook is still nascent and there are only a limited number of players, particularly in the LPO industry. This means higher operational costs resulting from absence of economies of scale. However, is buoyant and is concentrating its effort on providing high-end services to its clients. According to Mr. Shams Tabraiz, Manager-Training and Development,, “Our concentration is to capitalize on the inefficiencies prevailing in the outsourcing industry and decrease the overall cost of recruitment. Hence, we have designed our services exclusively for the KPO and LPO industry. We believe this will help them reach most relevant audience in this sector. We would win the client confidence basing upon our USPs – total flexibility in product, price, time and HR support we have for them.”

Apart from reducing tangible costs, the aim of portal is to achieve overall efficiency for their clients. According to another Senior Spokesperson,, “We have to look at the outsourcing industry including KPO and LPO in more holistic manner. There are more costs involved in recruitment that are intangible in nature and can not be accounted for in most organizations. These are typically increased turnaround time for recruitment and unproductive environment leading from layoffs among the current lot of employees. Our goal is to decrease this time period, effort, and resources involved and thereby improving the overall efficiency of employers.” In addition, will provide HR Support services to help companies to source candidate and close out recruitment process. Clearly, the Company is not limiting itself to becoming just another job portal in the industry, but is concentrating on providing end-to-end recruitment solutions to its customers in the niche KPO and LPO industry.

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August 2009