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Thursday, July 30, 2009

/PRAvenueNW/ -- India's fastest growing job search portal,, introduces ‘Resume Builder’ that allows job seekers to not just upload but build their resume effectively online. launches an online Resume Builder that allows candidates to not just upload but build their resume online. This new feature enables job seekers to upload the required information through an easy step-by-step process. Unlike other resume uploading services, Faayda’s Resume Builder has a ready to use format, where the information is categorized into manageable sections. The candidate just needs to select the appropriate options and the resume is built in minutes.

“The first thing you will note is that we are calling it a Resume Builder and not a Resume Uploader... Instead of just uploading the word document, the tool actually builds the CV by providing various options to the job seeker. The structure that we offer makes the CV more search friendly than the usual word document, thereby enabling the recruiters to find them faster.” explains Prashant Parikh, Founder CEO, “We also provide a Tell a Friend option. The candidate can simply refer this tool to his friends by submitting their e mail address. For every resume built by these references, the candidate earns Rs.10” adds Prashant.

Not only can one build a search friendly resume online, he can also print PDF copies of the CV for personal distribution. commenced operation nearly a year back and has grown considerably since then, thereby making it one of the fastest growing Indian job website. Faayda crawls through major job search sites and company profiles and integrates their job listings, thus bringing them all together in one place. Faayda has been launching innovative tools to ensure better results at greater convenience for the recruiters as well as the job seekers. This innovative Resume Builder is yet another step towards it.
Prashant Parikh

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