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CARY, NC: Advantage Drug Screening

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By Seanna Hoffman - Thursday, February 21, 2008

NOW OPEN! CARY, NC: Advantage Drug Screening: Drug testing, DNA, Steroid Testing, Background Checks.

CARY, NC, FEB 21, 2008 (PRAvenue) -“ Advantage Drug Screening, LLC. is owned and operated by Seanna M. Hoffman, M.S. She is an authorized seller of the IN-HOME DRUG TESTING PROGRAM as well as distributor of a full line of drug tests, including steroid, hair follicle, and DNA/Paternity tests. She has been trained in the "wipe and spray" drug detection assessment field and is available to perform home, school, and workplace assessments.

Hoffman will serve the large and growing base of concerned and proactive employers/parents who, in an effort to ensure a healthy, drug-free environment, are turning to the validation and peace of mind that drug testing assessments and programs can provide.

The statistical evidence documenting the escalation of drug use in our society is staggering. Studies demonstrate that drug testing programs (home, pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion/cause) can play an important role in reducing drug abuse among employees and youth.
Hoffman added, "I am both pleased and proud to be part of the solution and have the opportunity to play a meaningful role in our community's anti-drug effort. It is my greatest hope that my services will provide the community with the ability to definitively identify drug use, and to then seek vital solutions available to them."

Hoffman is available to address employers and parents, as well as parental, educational, civic and other groups on the topics of drug use and abuse and the myriad of treatments, assistance and government agencies available to the public.

Contact Name : Seanna Hoffman
Phone : 919-624-6658
email : 
website :
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CARY, NC: Advantage Drug Screening