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Greener -Smarter Packaging on Tap for New Consumer Packaged Goods

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canandaigua - NY, 16 July 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ -- Recession or not, consumer packaged goods makers are forging ahead with new packaging innovations that are better for the environment, offer new convenience benefits and are more functional than ever.

The plastic beverage bottle, a package that has become something of a symbol of consumer excess and waste, has been at the receiving end of some promising developments that could rehabilitate the image of this widely-used package.

Biodegradable Plastic Bottles and More

One problem with plastic bottles is their tendency to last a long time if not recycled properly. This problem appears to have been solved by new Aquamantra Natural Spring Water. New in the USA, this water is packaged in bottles produced by Enso that use a form of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that can be recycled and biodegrades in 1 to 5 years. Essentially, microbes are able to “eat the bottle for dinner.”
In a similar vein, new State of Mind Bottled Water is packaged in Planet Green’s Reverte Back to Nature Bottles. These “oxo-biodegradable PET bottles” are infused with Planet Green’s Reverte additive which biodegrades over time via molecular degradation triggered by exposure to light. Sold in the USA, the plastic bottles used for this bottled water are said to be 100% recyclable.

Also playing the green card is PepsiCo which has a pair of green launches in the USA. The company’s Aquafina Bottled Water in an Eco-Fina Bottle uses 50% less plastic than before. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay unit has a new compostable package for its Sun Chips Multigrain Chips. This package is said to decompose in a matter of weeks in a compost pile.

And while Eric Comte Red Wine makes no overt green claims, the 250ml resealable plastic pouch used for this wine is much lighter than traditional wine bottles. It is available in several European markets including Ireland, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Packaging Gets Smarter and More Functional

Unlike most other confectionery products, chewing gum has to be disposed of after use. One clever solution to this issue is the Glico Pos-Ca Smart Pod package. New in Japan, this cup package features a lid that contains slips of paper to dispose of the finished chewing gum, a thoughtful touch.

Even more intriguing are the QuickStrips rolled into the sides of new Sensis QuickStrips Condoms. These strips function much like pull-off tabs for adhesive bandages and ensure that the user does not have to touch the condom to put it on. Grove Medical LLC, the USA-based maker of this product, estimates that 30% of condoms are applied incorrectly which leads to issues like rips and tears.

Smarter and more functional are two words that describe S.C. Johnson & Son’s new Off! Mosquito Repellent Clip-On. New in the USA, this wearable product uses a battery-powered fan to circulate the repellent, making it a unique alternative to spray and cream format insect repellents. This refillable unit provides head-to-toe protection from insects for up to 12 hours.

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Greener -Smarter Packaging on Tap for New Consumer Packaged Goods