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By Patrick Ndukwe - Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Contact: Patrick Ndukwe

Phone: 718-877-1836


(RapidPressRelease) Bronx, NY Oct 21th, 2007 - one of the nation's leading online Social Networking recently launched what may be the answer to a site user’s dilemma when using the internet or going to a frequented website, Social Networking Site, and other traditional websites that require a signup.

Patrick Ndukwe, The site administrator of AngelsTrade said, “What is in it for me, is what the site is all about. AngelsTrade idea would make the surfing experience more pleasurable, especially for the millions of baby boomers that are fast becoming new Social Networking gurus.”

Up until now, a Social Networking surfer has had no accurate idea which social networking site is good for him/her when it comes to what gain from using the site. The method to identify a good site is done by endless amount of surfing on the Internet. “This haphazard approach as I will call the endless amount of surfing has disappointed many surfers who have found that they have no benefit from using the sites with the ever-growing monetary power which Patrick said is power in the wrong hands.”

Patrick states, “The power should belong to the user who without which the social networking sites will not be in existence.”

The Angels (As the users of this new phenomena in known as) has all the makings of any big social networking site out there, but what makes them unique is allowing the Angels to share in the advertisement revenue based on their activity on the site.

"It's amazing to see how excited a user becomes,” Patrick said. "We've even added a RingTone maker to help our Angels create their own ring tone from MP3 for their cell phones with their best music.” AngelsTrade is a very similar concept in how it runs in terms of user friendly. It functions like Myspace and Youtube but differs when it comes to who makes the money. With Myspace & Youtube, the company makes the money, but with Angelstrade, the user and everybody who has anything to do with the site makes money. Talk of a Global village Enterprise.

Patrick said, "We have revolutionized the social networking business and have raised the bar for the industry by making it a Social Global Enterprise". That seems to be important to me, as it will make the rest of the social networking sites not to take their users for granted, and tell the Big Boys that “we the people are coming”. Users make the money, we need to share it with them said Mr. Patrick. Would you love to go to work and not get paid? "Think of as your private business," Patrick said., watch video, Play Games and make ring tones for free.

For more information contact Patrick at 718-877-1836 - -


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