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By Susan Price - Saturday, November 24, 2007

Contact: Susan Price
Powervescent Sliver Spa Silver Jewelry Cleaner
Phone: 1.800.854.4840


(RapidPressRelease) Downingtown, PA, November 14, 2007 – Imagine a ‘Greener World’ with the help of Lockhart Jewelry Company, the creator of the patented Powervescent® Jewelry Cleaner, has just added another new product to its family of effervescent cleaning tablets, The Powervescent® Silver Spa Cleaner™.

According to Ron Lockart, the inventor and President of Lockhart Jewelry Co., “the product is an environmentally safe, non-toxic tarnish remover specially formulated to restore the brilliant shine to your silver jewelry.” In a world of toxic chemical cleaners, the Powervescent® Silver Spa Cleaner™ is designed to be travel friendly and convenient to transport. It was a major concern of Ron Lockhart to create a product that addresses the major environmental challenges that we face today as well as developing a unique product that offers portability for travelers without limitations. “Traditional silver jewelry cleaner products are developed in a liquid, gel, or powdered format and do not offer the consumer the ability to safely carry the product via plane, train and ship,” according to Mr. Lockhart.
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silver jewelry cleaner-24 tablet kit
The Powervescent® Silver Spa Cleaner™ incorporates a Specially Designed Treated Tub (SDTT) which sits in a plastic shell and together with the patented scientific effervescent tablet removes the tarnish. An added advantage after the tarnish is removed; the tablet can be used even without the tub to help reduce future tarnish build-up making it even more convenient for travel and general maintenance.

The Powervescent® Silver Spa Cleaner™ kit is easy to use and comes with either 6 or 24 effervescent tablets, tong, plastic shell with lid, SDTT, and instruction manual.
The kits retail for $9.95 for the 6 tablet kit, $29.95 for the 24 tablet kit and $7.95 for tablet refills.

Lockhart Jewelry Company is located in Downingtown, PA. Their retail location showcases fine jewelry and watch collections. In addition, they specialize in custom jewelry design, in-house jewelry repair, jewelry and diamond appraisals, and distribution of their Powervescent® product line which includes the The Powervescent® Jewelry Cleaner™ and The Powervescent® Golf Club Cleaner™. According to Ron Lockhart, Lockhart Jewelry Co. is interested and actively seeking wholesale distribution channels as well as retail outlets for its Powervescent® Silver Spa Cleaner™.

For more information contact: Lockhart Jewelry Company at 1.800.854.4840 and view the Powervescent® Silver Spa Cleaner™ demo at


Additional Information

Lockhart Jewelry specializes not just in jewelry sales at their retail store but they design customized jewelry, appraise jewelry and stones, and in-house jewelry cleaning and repair. Ronald Lockhart, is the inventor of the patented Powervescent® products.
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