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Tips on Taking a Volunteer Vacation in Ghana

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Volunteering can take many forms and can take you to a variety of places such as schools, conservation areas, hospitals and newspapers.

Leeds, UK, November 06, 2008 /PRAvenueNW/ -- When you volunteer in Ghana you will experience the beauty and diversity of West Africa and make a considerable difference to people’s lives here. Volunteering can take many forms and can take you to a variety of places such as schools, conservation areas, hospitals and newspapers. Make a significant difference to the lives of people by choosing to take a volunteer vacation in Ghana, but before you go have a look at the below tips.

i-to-i has been operating volunteer vacations in Ghana for over a decade and has a few tips to offer volunteers:
1.    Always bring earplugs if you are planning on staying in a hostel, really, just do it.
2.    Aloe vera gel is your friend, always bring a supply especially because the mosquito bites can get bad
3.    Don’t take a suitcase, just a large travel bag as locals consider you to be richer with a suitcase and you are more likely to get mugged.
4.    Don’t take loads of clothes, etc with you, buy it as you go, it’ll be cheaper and provide you with a souvenir and talking point when you get back home
5.    Always know the embassy numbers, the US Embassy in Ghana can be reached at: + (233) 21-741-150 and their website is:
For more travel tips check out this travel advice video:
Looking for a place to start the search for volunteering options? A couple volunteer vacations in Ghana offered by i-to-i are:

Teach English in Accra
In theory Ghana's government provides free primary education for all children, however in reality this is not the case. Whilst there are some government schools, these are few and far between and therefore most of the primary schools in Ghana are privately funded. Often public schools are actually better resourced than private because they receive funding from the state and therefore have more equipment and supplies. Private schools depend on tuition fees and receive no government aid.
Which children go to school and how far up the ladder they progress is very much determined by their family income rather than academic performance: some children may not be able to afford school fees or extra items such as uniforms and books. As private schools lack financial resources to be able to employ more teachers, volunteers are needed to assist them, to exchange methods of teaching and help continue offer children the education they are entitled to.

This volunteer vacation in Ghana lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks and costs $1590, for more information please visit:

Community Work with Children in Ghana
In Africa, poverty and beauty seem to be different sides of the same coin; the climate that sustains diverse wildlife, golden sandy beaches and wild savannah also impedes the continent’s efforts to develop and feed itself. You’ll experience this for yourself on this project as you’ll be working in the amazing city of Accra on the beautiful southern coastline with some of the city’s most underprivileged children. The project exists to help orphaned and street children develop English and vocational skills through activities such as art and drama but it also aims to put a smile on their faces and show them a little fun.

This volunteer vacation in Ghana lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks and costs $1790, all accommodation and meals included. For more information visit:
To see the wide range of volunteer vacations in Ghana now offered by i-to-i please visit:  or call 800-985-4864 for more information.

Since 1994, i-to-i, has been the award-winning leader in volunteer vacations, TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) training and job placement abroad. Each year, i-to-i sends approximately 5,000 volunteers to 500 projects in 35 countries and helps 15,000 people gain the certification necessary to teach English overseas. i-to-i volunteers contributed approximately one million hours of service last year.
i-to-i offers volunteer vacations in countries such as: Ecuador, Brazil, Uganda, Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Zambia, Vietnam, Ghana, Costa Rica, Honduras, New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam.
For more information call 800-985-4864 or visit , for media inquiries please contact Alexia Nestora,

Alexia Nestora
Leeds, UK

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Tips on Taking a Volunteer Vacation in Ghana