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Glacier Computer - portable Ridgeline Tablet

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By John Geary - Friday, January 11, 2008

Contact: John Geary

Phone: 603.882.1560 x212

Glacier Computer announces the release of a rugged
portable Ridgeline Tablet

Glacier's latest option for rugged applications

(RapidPressRelease) New Milford, CT - January 11, 2008 - Glacier Computer, the leader in rugged data collection hardware, adds portability with the Ridgeline Tablet. The portable, rugged, computing power of Glacier's tablet computer is the key to bringing efficiency to mobile workers in harsh environments. Glacier’s tablet computer solutions are Windows XP devices capable of running any application while withstanding extremes of water and humidity at virtually any temperature.Portable Ridgeline Tablet, Rugged Computer, Industrial Computer, Glacier Computer. Maximize your investment with less fear of dropping or breaking. Each tablet computer is equipped with a convenient touch screen interface that workers use to retrieve and send information. Collecting data in any environment while on the move is the height of efficiency.

The Ridgeline Tablet has a 10.4" display with options for daylight readable functionality. It was designed and tested to withstand repeated 3' drops to concrete as well as IP 65 sealing mandates. Each unit comes with integrated 802.11 a/b/g radio, Bluetooth, numerous I/O, and many hard drive options. Users can input date via touch screen or pen. Special software allows for signature capture and character recognition.

"Utility, construction, warehouse, and shop floor data collection are done 'on the move' as employees operate without being tethered to cables or wires. Long battery life and wireless LAN technology allows instant access to a database, work order, blueprint, parts list, or another computer. With an integrated GPS module, the Ridgeline Tablet becomes an indispensable tool to an employee in the field", says Dan Poisson, Director of Engineering at Glacier Computer.

The Ridgeline Tablet is the perfect compliment to our fixed mounted EVEREST line of products. ComputerCustomers find it a perfect solution for increasing productivity outside the normal office environment. Developed with the same standards of quality that have become synonymous with the Glacier name, the Ridgeline Tablet is the perfect choice for the most extreme mobile applications.

Glacier Computer designs and develops versatile, rugged industrial computer systems for harsh environments and for a variety of markets. The company has sustained steady, planned growth since it began eight years ago. With its depth of knowledgeable personnel and devotion to customer satisfaction, Glacier takes pride in its ability to provide quality products at a great value in conjunction with exceptional customer service.

For more information about the Ridgeline Tablet
Press contact: John Geary at Glacier Computer at 603-882-1560 x212
Or visit our website at
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Portable Ridgeline Tablet, Rugged Computer, Industrial Computer, Glacier Computer.


Glacier Computer – Your Industrial Computer Source Glacier Computer, an industrial computer distributor and designer is located in Southern New Hampshire and one hour from Boston. We design, market and support industrial PC computer systems for environments that require durability and ease of use. The Industrial Systems, Mobile Systems, and systems for Public Safety conform to industry standards utilizing durable touch- screens. As an industrial computer source we provide the full hardware systems, including scanners & keyboards, and at the same time rely upon valued partners to create custom application solutions.

Glacier Computer’s desire is to be the ultimate industrial computer source by providing customers with the most efficiently designed fixed and vehicle-mount computers in the industry today. Glacier's founders drew on years of industry experience in developing an industrial computer company that offers open platform, versatile hardware coupled with an aggressive pricing structure.

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rugged computer

rugged computer

rugged computer

rugged computer
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Glacier Computer - portable Ridgeline Tablet